Senior Catering Sales + Event Producer

Rachel Schrader


Rachel Schrader RVA Catering Sales


My Story

My career in catering started many moons ago – I responded to a Craigslist ad (lol, remember those?) about a catering job because I wanted to buy my first car. As a high schooler, I thought that it would be a fun gig to work for a bit while I saved up some money. Little did I know how that would change the complete trajectory of my life. At my first event, I was hooked, and I now have been in the industry for the last 20 years.

When it was time for college, I went off to Radford University with the hopes of becoming a nurse one day. Every school break, I would come home and either hostess in our restaurant or work events to get some cash to take back to school with me. 

Around my 3rd year, I told my advisor how unhappy I was and that I was not feeling motivated to continue in nursing school. Fortunately for me, Radford offered a hospitality degree so I pivoted my focus into that, which has been my focus ever since! I can safely say that responding to a random job posting ultimately scored me a career where I get to do what I love every day for the best caterer in Richmond, VA.

During my time at Mosaic, I have made great connections and become a pillar in the event industry. There are countless people I have befriended along the way who are now lifelong friends! In fact, early in my days at the Mosaic restaurant, I met a line cook who ended up becoming my very own personal chef that doubles as an amazing husband. We now have a beautiful 8 year old daughter who really enjoys coming to visit me on event site and at our office!

“I am motivated to continue serving RVA and beyond, and so passionate about exceeding client expectations by taking your vision from an idea to reality.”

– Rachel Schrader


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