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MOSAIC Catering + Events is a full-service, one-stop-shop for all your events, catering, design, rentals, and lighting needs. Our team is an eclectic mix of individuals from every area of the hospitality industry. We’re a mix of designers, thinkers, makers, creators, artists, marketers, illumineers, engineers, and techies.


Michael Routzahn

Michael Routzahn

Senior Catering Sales + Event Producer

Michael Routzahn brings out the personality of an event, making it come to life with his thoughtful and elevated design. Helping introduce MOSAIC to Charleston in 2009, and the Warren Room in historic Charleston in 2015, he believes that every great event evolves from two factors: the relationship with the client and the power of creativity. He is known for his wedding, boutique, and large-scale events across the Southeast. He’s also passionate about the area’s charitable causes and enjoys his rescue dogs.

Rachel Schrader

Senior Catering Sales + Event Producer

Rachel is your personal go-to gal regarding all the details of your event whether it be a corporate event or your big day! She has a great passion for events as well as her clients and continually exceeds their expectations. Rachel has been in the catering industry for the last 20 years and has become an integral part of Mosaic; teaching new team members everything they need to know about the industry. In her spare time Rachel, her husband, and her daughter enjoy going on what they call “adventures” exploring Virginia and going to theme parks. Their current favorites are Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

Elizabeth Adams Catering Events MOSAIC RVA

Elizabeth Adams

Senior Catering Sales + Event Producer

A Richmonder born and raised, Elizabeth got her start working events after college in 2016 and has been in the industry ever since. This hyper-organized multi-tasker has worked her way up, and is pleased to have helped so many couples, non-profits, and businesses celebrate their exciting achievements along the way. When she’s not working, this traveler is always dreaming of and planning her next trip (so far 26 states and 21 countries visited, and counting), but in the meantime loves spending time outside by any body of water, playing with her dog Chuy, and being in the kitchen trying new and adapting old recipes.

Caitlin Kafka RVA-Catering

Caitlin Kafka

Catering Sales + Event Producer

Caitlin comes to us with a decade of industry experience. She spent 7 years in marketing, working with Fortune 500 companies such as Target, Taco Bell, and Blue Buffalo to produce and execute large-scale promotional events nationwide. Wanting to be closer to family, she moved to Charlottesville to work for Orpha Events where she focused on boutique and high-end special events. Up for anything whether it’s a showstopping wedding, a rousing fundraiser for non-profits, or facilitating corporate engagements Caitlin is your event chameleon. Her passion for helping clients create truly fantastic experiences for their guests translates into her work, and she finds nothing more satisfying than knowing her services made her clients’ day better.

Emily Mack

Emily Mack

Catering Sales + Event Producer + Social Media Marketing

Emily Mack has a genuine passion for creating unique and memorable experiences for her clients. Her goal is always to put the client’s mind at ease and works diligently to make sure that their vision for the event will be fulfilled. She loves her job because each event offers an opportunity to express her ingenuity; Emily’s displays are as delectable as the food itself. Event design is her specialty, and nothing is more rewarding to her than seeing guests’ reactions when they walk in and see the space. She spends her free time hanging out with her pup, enjoying  various restaurants and bars in RVA, relaxing by the river, and learning about Richmond’s extensive history.

Leah Meneau

Catering + Event Apprentice

New to the industry, Leah Meneau brings her love for organization and helping others to MOSAIC. She has proved time and time again to be able to keep up in this fast paced industry which has been aided by her past planning experiences. A quick study, Leah is able to adapt to any situation at a moment’s notice with a meticulous grace and unrivaled panache. When not working, Leah can be found with her cat, Minnie, cooking, or reading.


Iam McGrory

Ian McGrory

Catering Executive Sous Chef

Ian McGrory grew up in New Jersey restaurants and speakeasies drinking Cherry Coke and Shirley Temples in the alongside his mother, the manager of exclusive hotel restaurants and private country clubs. She introduced Ian to fine food, fine manners, and most importantly fine peers from around the planet that taught him about cooking and the importance of a good meal. Ian has never looked back as he continues to please guests with meals that mean as much to him in preparation as they do to his guest’s enjoyment.

Chris Visger

Chris Visger

Catering Sous Chef

Chris has been there and back again — and has learned everything along the way. While originally from Alabama, Richmond, VA is where he and his family call home. Chris is a doting father and loves to spend time with his children playing soccer and fishing. He also enjoys honing his skills and re-envisioning the classics which has earned him not one, but two published recipes. A more quiet person by nature Chris allows his work to speak for him.

Larkin Sanchez

Larkin Sanchez

Catering Sous Chef

Larkin is a veteran of both the kitchen as well as the US Army. He is a culinary mastermind, having been the Executive Chef at Henley on Grace and the Executive Sous for Morton’s Steakhouse in Richmond, VA. Despite his rigorous and meticulous background, Larkin is as quick with a joke as he is with a knife. When not working, he enjoys reading and bringing a smile to those around him.

Express Catering

Victoria Miles RVA Express Catering Chef

Katrina Mazyck

Express Catering Manager

Katrina T. Mazyck is no stranger to the hospitality industry. She has over 26 years of experience 6 of which she gathered serving in the Virginia Army National Guard as a culinary specialist. Katrina is a proud graduate of Virginia State University and Johnson & Wales University (Charleston). If she’s not running this way and that delivering smiles and satisfying meals, you can be sure find Katrina in her kitchen working on new recipes to wow her family and friends.


Sarah Vitek

Production Coordinator + Tech Producer

Sarah Vitek has been making magic moments since 2016 when she interned at Walt Disney World to study innovation and design. She began her professional career in 2019 after graduating from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. From operas in Norfolk to hard rock headliners in Charlottesville, Sarah has set the stage for some of Virginia’s largest acts. She believes there is no better feeling than the applause of an audience at the end of a show and strives for every event to be impactful no matter the size. When she is not designing or calculating logistics, she is either at home herding her two cats, Tyrion (T) and Daenerys (Dany), catching up on the latest TV shows/movies, or traveling to see her family.

Derek Diehl

Production Sales Coordinator and Event Producer

Derek is a firm believer that love and laughter are what bring life and success to every event and are a key ingredient to promote a thriving business. He is always able to bring a unique level of joy and laughter to any dull moment while maintaining a professional work environment and elegant customer experience. He utilizes his passion for team building and business structure while constructing Mosaic’s field staff, showing us the value of every Mosaic employee. Derek has a heartfelt passion for his community and spends countless hours outside of the business setting investing his time volunteering in the community. His purpose for his passion is to infuse the same level of love and laughter he puts into the MOSAIC name back into the city of Richmond.

Frankie Duprey

Production Manager

The man, the myth, the Frankie. Frankie Duprey is, and always has been, a hands on kind of guy. His career started in construction, and later on he found his love for cooking. Where he really thrives, however, is in the workshop. Amongst his many talents, Frankie has an unrivaled ability to see a sketch on paper and recreate it with two by fours, duct tape, and elbow grease. When not making the fantasy into reality, Frankie enjoys being in nature, fishing, rock climbing and camping.


Billy Wallace

Executive Director

Billy Wallace is the Peanut Butter in your PB&J, holding all event ingredients together, and keeping our classic style timeless. He is the every man working on all fronts: staffing, logistics, event production, menu planning, and design. Billy comes to MOSAIC with an extensive event background, having produced large and small-scale events nationally and locally. Billy is known locally for his dedication to the live music scene and has helped many local venues produce events with storied successes. When not helping others manifest great times, Billy enjoys a quiet life of gardening at home and camping throughout VA’s rivers and mountains.

Jeremy Bitner

Director of Operations

Jeremy Bitner is the epitome of ‘a people person.’ The opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of people gets him out of the bed each morning; the unmatched satisfaction of guiding a team in executing flawless events is his daily motivation. Jeremy is driven to succeed in order to devote time off with his wife and daughters. When he’s not chasing his escape artist puggle, Frisco Banks, you can find him paddle boarding on the many Virginia waterways or sifting through vinyl in some of his favorite record stores.

Sage Nuñez

Sage Nuñez

Staffing Coordinator

Sage Nuñez has always been passionate about food, wine, and ensuring everyone has a good time. Originally a Sommelier from Denver, CO, they enjoy spending their time making connections and exploring the city. Being new to Richmond, they are always open to new suggestions for vineyards, venues, and hiking trails. Sage is an avid volunteer and loves to see other people succeed. In their down time, Sage can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons, weightlifting, and playing volleyball with Stonewall Sports League.


David Gresh

Warehouse Manager

David Gresh loves to learn and leaves no academic stone unturned. Growing up in a small Amish farming community, David knew that there was a lot more to life than butter and farming–so he went to college and enlisted in the Marine Corps. David is rare in so much as challenge, genuinely, excites him. The more complex something is, the more intrigued he is. Punctuality and perseverance instilled by the Marine Corps and Wildland Firefighting are what help David accomplish the goals he sets in front of him. When he has down time, David loves being in nature and reading books that require, and inspire, deep thought.


Mandie Tinsley-OfficeAdministrator

Mandie Tinsley

Accounting + Administration

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Mandie Tinsley is happy when it all adds up. The number-crunching got serious when she was a Pirate, studying managerial finance at East Carolina University. She took things step-by-step at MOSAIC, waiting tables in high school, becoming an assistant general manager, then finding her calling by keeping things straight in accounting. But this Pirate’s treasure isn’t hidden away. It’s her family, her friends, and her two fur babies. Happiness multiplied.

Customer Service

Mandie Tinsley-OfficeAdministrator

Kristin Riccio

Front Desk Coordinator

Kristin Riccio may be new to the professional event scene, but she’s no stranger to linking together many moving parts. Kristin brings with her a lifetime of experience in what she calls controlling chaos. Whether directing Vacation Bible School at her church or wrangling little league softball players as team mom, she knows that coffee is mandatory and you have to go with the flow and not take life too seriously. Kristin has spent the last decade and a half working with children and adults with Autism and other disabilities, but was ready to try something new. When She isn’t answering the phones or directing traffic here at Mosaic, she can be found hanging with her family. They love live music, being outside as much as possible and sneaking away to North Myrtle Beach every chance they can.

Managing Partners


Mike Holland

Managing Partner

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Mike Holland is no bark and all bite. His creativity does the talking, honed by decades of experience that give him grace under pressure. He is the event whisperer, coaxing the best from his team, meeting needs before they’re noticed, spinning the impossible into reality. Mike’s love for the environment spurred him to make MOSAIC a certified green business. His love for animals led him to co-found the nonprofit FETCH a Cure, which helps care for pets undergoing cancer treatment. He’s inspired by design, teamwork, travel, and adventure. And if there’s any bark to be found it’s an approving one, from Hank and Zoey, the Jack Russell Terriers by his side. → Email Mike


Laurette Garlitz

Managing Partner

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Laurette Garlitz loves watching weddings unfold, gets her spirits boosted by a good country song, and believes in the power of three. Three children, three grandchildren, and the three hospitality experts who started MOSAIC back in 1993. She, Mike Holland, and Steven Niketas became a trio that bonded over memorable, comfortable, well-executed events — and scores of peer and customer accolades. Their business blossomed and they made magic happen. About the only thing Laurette can’t produce is a stranger. She just doesn’t believe they exist. 


Steven Niketas

Managing Partner

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA  Steven Niketas realized long ago that the journey is the destination. He helps his clients get in the same frame of mind, creating events that take guests along for the ride. He is fascinated by innovation in design, charged up by technology and respects the best of classic business practices. He is constantly moving forward, enjoying his family, friends, and dogs.