Express Catering

Thoughtfully crafted food for everyday celebrations

Our express catering is a perfect fit for those who crave quality, healthy food options in a convenient way. Each of our menu items is thoughtfully crafted and designed to work individually or in tandem with each other. Most can be prepared within 48 hours. If you need quicker turnaround time, or if you are buying food for over 200 people, please call us at (804) 381-6902

Express Catering Guide

This is your guide to creating an experience for your next meal. Don’t see what you need? We encourage you to use the services of our experienced Catering Consultants to customize a menu tailored to your specific needs. To elevate your event please inquire about staffing, rentals, and décor. Complete an inquiry form or email us directly.

Father’s Day Meal To Go

Father's Day To Go Menu

Try our Chef Meal of the Month

June Chef's Menu

Seasonal Catering Guide

This guide includes some additional seasonal items that are only offered for a short time only.

MOSAIC Seasonal CAtering Guide for SPring and summer of 2023

Our Kitchen

Our philosophy at MOSAIC is grounded in a love for all food! We pride ourselves in making great, clean food that is readily accessible for your next life celebration, office meeting, or family dinner. Our culinary team has a passion for scratch cooking and focusing on locally and seasonally available foods! Our talented chefs are happy to tailor items to meet your dietary, allergy and lifestyle needs.

Ian McGrory

Ian McGrory

Catering Executive Chef

Victoria Miles

Victoria Miles

Catering Sous Chef


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