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Emily Mack



My Story

My experience in hospitality started when I was barely an adult, a student at VCU for the time being, walking down Main Street in Richmond handing out my very unimpressive resume to restaurants and hoping to get a call about an interview. One of the places sat me down and interviewed me, then offered me the job on the spot despite having no job experience other than being Snoopy at Kings Dominion. This dive bar unknowingly gave me my start in what would become my ultimate passion: providing top-tier food and beverage service, taking good care of people, and doing so with integrity and authenticity.

I started my career in Catering and Events with Mosaic in August of 2021 and now couldn’t imagine doing anything other than this. My days consist of sketching up designs for tablescapes, making TikToks, and creating magic for people’s most special moments. Taking an idea and turning it into something that other people get to experience is not easy work, and it takes a village. But our village is so passionate about creating these magical moments because there is nothing more rewarding to our hard work than to see guests and clients enjoying the experience that we curated and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Ultimately, my goal is to have clients trust that they are in good hands and allow themselves to be a guest at their events. Good people are what makes an event special… And good food, drinks, event design, and service make an event spectacular. I am sincerely grateful for everyone who has welcomed us to make their special occasions even more special with a little bit of Mosaic Magic.

“At the start of every day, whether it is going to be a day at the office or a day on an event site, I am excited about and so proud of what I get to do for a living.”

– Emily Mack


My Recent Work