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We have lots of personality…

MOSAIC Catering + Events is a full-service, one-stop-shop for all your events, catering, design, rentals, and lighting needs. Our team is an eclectic mix of individuals from every area of the hospitality industry. We’re a mix of designers, thinkers, makers, creators, artists, marketers, illumineers, engineers, and techies.


Nathaniel Blakey - Account Executive

Nathaniel Blakey

Catering Sales + Event Producer

Nathaniel Blakey is no stranger to hard work and the culinary industry. His love for baked goods helped him find his niche in baking, leading to his work in school kitchens at a young age as well as a high volume production bakery in Richmond. Nathaniel has worked events large and small, whether it was a birthday party or over 4,000 weddings he has helped curate. No matter the size, Nathaniel brings southern hospitality to each event with a focus on helping his client’s vision become a reality. He is inspired by his love for his family’s Angus farm in Greene County, motivating Nathaniel to study controlled environment agriculture. A true social butterfly, Nathaniel is an avid hockey fan and loves spending time with his dog Poindexter.


Timothy Dean - Account Executive

Timothy Dean

Catering Sales + Event Producer

Timothy Dean has the ability to make visions come to life. Thanks to his experience in organizing large gala and festival events for nonprofit organizations, he is able to provide guests with unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experiences. His end goal is to make an event to remember for all, including those who plan the event. His background in management has afforded him the opportunity to work with some great companies across the country. When he is not at work, he is enjoying time with his husband and their two adorable fur babies – Zeus and Coco.


John Lilley - Mosaic Catering Sales Account Executive

John Lilley

Catering Sales + Event Producer

With 18 years of robust management expertise, John brings a wealth of experience in home improvement and design to the table. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in financial management, his analytical skills complement his creative vision. As a proud father, coach, and exceptional team player, he has a seamlessly blended leadership with a collaborative spirit, fostering success in both professional and personal realms.


Kristen Lowry - Account Executive

Kristen Lowry

Catering Sales + Event Producer

Kristen was selected by our field staff and joined our office to work with the Express team in January 2023. Her dedication and hard work quickly proved that she was a perfect fit for Full-Scale Events, and she has excelled in that role ever since! Kristen has worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years, in various restaurants and events. Whether it’s fine dining with bow ties, or dive bars with peanut shells on the floor, She has always found joy in hospitality and personalizing every experience. Even in high-pressure and high-volume situations, Kristen has shown her professionalism and quick thinking. She is a pillar of calm no matter the storm.


Leah Meneau - Account Executive

Leah Meneau

Catering Sales + Event Producer

Leah Meneau brings her love for organization and helping others to MOSAIC. Time and time again, she has proven her ability to keep up in this fast-paced industry, which has been aided by her past experiences. A quick study, Leah is able to adapt to any situation at a moment’s notice with meticulous grace and unrivaled panache. When not working, Leah can be found with her cat, Minnie, cooking, or reading.



Ian McGrory Mosaic Catering Events Executive Chef

Ian McGrory

Catering Executive Chef

Ian McGrory grew up in New Jersey restaurants and speakeasies drinking Cherry Coke and Shirley Temples alongside his mother, the manager of exclusive hotel restaurants and private country clubs. She introduced Ian to fine food, fine manners, and most importantly fine peers from around the planet that taught him about cooking and the importance of a good meal. Ian has never looked back as he continues to please guests with meals that mean as much to him in preparation as they do to his guest’s enjoyment.


Victoria Miles Mosaic Catering Sous Chef

Victoria Miles

Catering Sous Chef

Victoria comes to Mosaic with over five years of experience in restaurant management. Serving people is in her DNA. When she’s not working, she’s with the sweetest dog ever, Stella, a pit bull mix, wondering who rescued who or she’s busy planning her Fall 2019 wedding. She and her husband (a chef, by the way) are real-life foodies and love the Richmond restaurant scene. Both of them share a love of Greek food; if a new Greek restaurant opens up, they are there.


Express Catering

Katrina Mazyck

Katrina Mazyck

Express Catering Manager

Katrina T. Mazyck is no stranger to the hospitality industry. She has over 26 years of experience 6 of which she gathered serving in the Virginia Army National Guard as a culinary specialist. Katrina is a proud graduate of Virginia State University and Johnson & Wales University (Charleston). If she’s not running this way and that delivering smiles and satisfying meals, you can be sure find Katrina in her kitchen working on new recipes to wow her family and friends.

Production / Warehouse

John Lowery - Warehouse Manager

John Lowery

Warehouse Manager

More information coming soon.


Human Resources

Kira Puffenbarger - Staffing Manager

Kira Puffenbarger

Staffing and Traffic Manager

Kira’s passion for customer service and desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives has led her to a diverse career in restaurants, retail, and even healthcare. She embarked on her journey in hospitality working at an iconic Richmond restaurant, serving pancakes and creating enduring connections with her regulars. With an innate charisma and a knack for adaptation, Kira ventured into the healthcare field, where she imparted her expertise in the art of customer service to fellow staff members. This experience allowed her to refine her organizational and managerial skills in a bustling healthcare environment. Kira is excited to contribute her remarkable skill set to the Mosaic team. She is passionate about food, both in its creation and consumption, and enjoys fostering a love of food with her friends and family.



Mandie Tinsley - Business Development Director

Mandie Tinsley

Chief Administrative Officer

Mandie Tinsley is happy when it all adds up. The number-crunching got serious when she was a Pirate, studying managerial finance at East Carolina University. She took things step-by-step at MOSAIC, waiting tables in high school, becoming an assistant general manager, then finding her calling by keeping things straight in accounting. But this Pirate’s treasure isn’t hidden away. It’s her family, her friends, and her two fur babies. Happiness multiplied.


Michael Routzahn Marketing Director and Senior Catering + Events Producer

Michael Routzahn

Creative Director

Whether he’s in South Carolina, Virginia, or somewhere in between, Michael Routzahn brings out the personality of an event, making it come to life with his thoughtful and elevated design. He helped introduce MOSAIC to Charleston in 2009 and was responsible for the design of the Warren Room in historic Charleston in 2015. According to Michael, the success of any great event depends on two factors: the relationship with the client and the power of creativity. Michael is known for his exceptional work in organizing weddings, boutique, and large-scale events across the Southeast. He’s also passionate about the area’s charitable causes and enjoys his rescue dogs.

Billy Wallace Mosaic Catering Events Executive Director

Billy Wallace

Director of Sales and Operations

Billy Wallace is the Peanut Butter in your PB&J, holding all event ingredients together, and keeping our classic style timeless. He is the every man working on all fronts: staffing, logistics, event production, menu planning, and design. Billy comes to MOSAIC with an extensive event background, having produced large and small-scale events nationally and locally. Billy is known locally for his dedication to the live music scene and has helped many local venues produce events with storied successes. When not helping others manifest great times, Billy enjoys a quiet life of gardening at home and camping throughout VA’s rivers and mountains.


Jeremy Bitner - Operations Director

Jeremy Bitner

Director of Operations + Logistics

Jeremy Bitner is the epitome of ‘a people person.’ The opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of people gets him out of the bed each morning. The unmatched satisfaction of guiding a team in executing flawless events is his daily motivation. Jeremy is driven to succeed to devote time off with his wife and daughter. When he’s not chasing his escape artist puggle, Frisco Banks, you can find him paddleboarding on the many Virginia waterways or sifting through vinyl in some of his favorite record stores.


Management Team

Kristin Riccio - Client Care Coordinator + Corporate Administrator

Kristin Riccio

Client Care Coordinator + Corporate Administrator

Kristin Riccio may be new to the professional event scene, but she’s no stranger to linking together many moving parts. Kristin brings with her a lifetime of experience in what she calls controlling chaos. Whether directing Vacation Bible School at her church or wrangling little league softball players as team mom, she knows that coffee is mandatory and you have to go with the flow and not take life too seriously. Kristin has spent the last decade and a half working with children and adults with Autism and other disabilities but was ready to try something new. When She isn’t answering the phones or directing traffic here at Mosaic, she can be found hanging with her family. They love live music, being outside as much as possible and sneaking away to North Myrtle Beach every chance they can.



Mike Holland

Managing Partner

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Mike Holland is no bark and all bite. His creativity does the talking, honed by decades of experience that give him grace under pressure. He is the event whisperer, coaxing the best from his team, meeting needs before they’re noticed, spinning the impossible into reality. Mike’s love for the environment spurred him to make MOSAIC a certified green business. His love for animals led him to co-found the nonprofit FETCH a Cure, which helps care for pets undergoing cancer treatment. He’s inspired by design, teamwork, travel, and adventure. And if there’s any bark to be found it’s an approving one, from Hank and Zoey, the Jack Russell Terriers by his side. → Email Mike


Laurette Garlitz

Managing Partner

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Laurette Garlitz loves watching weddings unfold, gets her spirits boosted by a good country song, and believes in the power of three. Three children, three grandchildren, and the three hospitality experts who started MOSAIC back in 1993. She, Mike Holland, and Steven Niketas became a trio that bonded over memorable, comfortable, well-executed events — and scores of peer and customer accolades. Their business blossomed and they made magic happen. About the only thing Laurette can’t produce is a stranger. She just doesn’t believe they exist. 


Steven Niketas

Managing Partner

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA  Steven Niketas realized long ago that the journey is the destination. He helps his clients get in the same frame of mind, creating events that take guests along for the ride. He is fascinated by innovation in design, charged up by technology and respects the best of classic business practices. He is constantly moving forward, enjoying his family, friends, and dogs.