A few things heard around the water cooler...

New digs for MOSAIC BY RANDY HALLMAN, Richmond Times-Dispatch
If you think Oliver is foolish to dream of growing from a café in a Carytown bicycle shop to a business that spreads to other cities, consider the history of MOSAIC.

That business started in 1996 as a gourmet sandwich shop called Café du Soleil in the back of a high-end gardening retailer in Carytown. So how has that worked out?… READ MORE

MOSAIC wins Critics’ Choice Mac-Off Award The Post and Courier
…MOSAIC, which my fellow judges and I unanimously selected for the Critics’ Choice award, at least made smart use of panko. The bread crumbs added an attractive texture to a mac which was already distinguished by jalapeno heat. In a field of very creamy entries, MOSAIC’s mac stood out for its complexity… READ MORE

MOSAIC Expands BY ELIZA GOODPASTURE, Richmond Magazine
MOSAIC’s new catering headquarters opened on Tuesday, in the old C.P. Dean/Pet Dairy Plant/Jones Ford Building off of Broad Street, just west of Boulevard. The building is the hub of everything that has to do with Mosaic’s catering, but it’s neither a second restaurant nor an event space… READ MORE

MOSAIC: Kaleidoscope on Wheels BY DANA CARLSON, Richmond Magazine
MOSAIC Restaurant invited hungry Richmonders to sample its international fusion cuisine in 1997 and has now jumped on the street-food bandwagon.

Their cart’s menu is a short list of options including smoked Gouda and pimento grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas that average around $7… READ MORE

Just healthy desserts BY TRACY AGNEW, Suffolk News Herald
The very title of the Healthy Dessert Contest sounds oxymoronic. But it’s actually very, very tasty. At first, it didn’t look like Aaron Spring’s creation for the 2015 Healthy Dessert Contest was going to go over very well. “It was a hard sell at first,” the MOSAIC chef said of his Ginger Agave Panna Cotta. But then, “every single one of them that had it loved it.” So much so, in fact, that they all voted for it to win the People’s Choice Award in the Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community’s contest. … READ MORE

Golden Hammer Awards Five Projects BY CAROL HAZARD, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Best adaptive reuse, commercial scale (5,000 square feet or greater): MOSAIC Catering + Events headquarters’ extensive makeover of the former C.P. Dean building at 3001 Cutshaw Ave. into retail, office and catering production space took the Golden Hammer Award. …… READ MORE