we do events... it’s our job and we love it!

Ryan Traylor, CPCE

Director of Catering

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Ryan Traylor, CPCE gets his kicks out of seeing a plan come together, turning an idea on its head for the better, and watching his 2-year-old become the next Andre Agassi. And even if that doesn’t happen, his little ones remind him about the importance of daily discovery. Of persistence, hard work, setting sights high. Ryan’s risen into the industry’s best, setting standards, pushing the envelope of creativity and winning admiration from his colleagues. And he always remembers that great food and service are complimentary. Like the way dedication goes hand in hand with a champion athlete: One cannot exist without the other.

Patrick McBride

Director of Operations

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Patrick McBride commands a power tool the way Michelangelo wielded a brush. He creates the stuff that transports guests, whether it’s to a different time and place or just a night away from it all. And his work is recognized for its high quality and stunning impact. Patrick’s been known to groove to a little yacht rock, but he’d rather build the boat. It isn’t all shoptalk, though. He understands the ins and outs of event production, from planning to design to execution, dotting the I’s and crossing the T-squares.

Marie Basil

Express Catering Apprentice

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Marie Basil's love of the events industry developed during her time at the University of South Carolina through multiple internships and volunteer experiences. The desire to serve others has been instilled in her from a young age and she always knew her future career would include service in some capacity. After graduating in May 2015, with a degree in Tourism Management and a focus in Meetings & Events, Marie ended up back home in Richmond and began working for MOSAIC. She believes that every event is important, no matter the size or cause and will always work to make sure you have a wonderful experience.

Marie’s kindness is contagious and she truly lives by the following quote: “Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” – John Wesley

Maggie Millan Padron

Senior Catering + Event Producer + Marketing Manager

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Maggie Millan Padron unveils the possibilities to her clients with impeccable attention to style and detail. She enjoys supporting them throughout the process of making their event an impactful multi-sensory experience. Born and raised in Miami Beach to a close-knit family of 150 and still counting, her holidays and family parties are always major productions. Her passion for boating and the ocean started at 3 months as each summer she grew up island hopping the Bahamas. This resourceful water baby is adaptable and can operate from anywhere. She’s lived in Florida, Grenada, West Indies, Oregon, California, Arizona and Virginia during her husband’s career path to become a Veterinary Surgeon.

Michael Routzahn

Senior Catering + Event Producer

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA  Michael Routzahn brings out the personality of an event, making it come to life with unique design, colors and flavors. He helped introduce MOSAIC to Charleston in 2009, building on the idea that every great event evolves from two factors: the relationship with the client and the power of creativity. Michael is known in the community for his wedding, boutique and large-scale events. He’s also passionate about the area’s charitable causes and enjoying his three rescue dogs.

Tory Gilliam

Catering + Events Producer

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Tory Gilliam brings a creative energy and global palette to the MOSAIC team. After attending the University of Miami and working with non-profit organizations, he decided to return home to Richmond in search of his next career adventure and great meal. His passion for events and “can do” attitude make Tory’s ambition contagious and he is behind your cause 100% of the way, whether you are hosting an elaborate fundraiser to bring about awareness or planning the wedding of your dreams. Tory keeps current on all things pop culture and serves as a great resource to help you style your next small social or over-the-top special event. As a former “Jeopardy” champion, he lives by the mantra “Knowledge is Power” and looks forward to expanding his palette in every aspect of the event industry to deliver a superior experience to our clients and their guests.

Phaedra Bradley

Catering + Events Producer

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Phaedra Bradley quickly fell in love with city life in Richmond after moving here to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. After earning her Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and spending a semester in Valencia, Spain interning at a convention center, she discovered her passion for events. Her ability to always remain calm under pressure while keeping a bright smile on her face has made her a great addition to the MOSAIC team since 2015. She uses her humor and lightheartedness to help keep clients and coworkers at ease. In her spare time, Phaedra can be found relaxing in her hometown of Virginia Beach, enjoying the company of friends, family, and the sunshine.

Katherine Morrison

Staffing + Support Coordinator

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Katherine Morrison came to MOSAIC from sunny Florida with 6 years of event experience under her belt. She has filled almost every position possible in the industry, equipping her with a wealth of knowledge to pull from. Her talent for encouraging excellence in team members has landed her in the staffing and administrative department, but you will find her often out of the office indulging her passion of participating in an event’s fruition. When she is not reveling in the excitement of MOSAIC life, she relaxes by going on a swim with her dog, a bully breed mix, or partaking in a couple glasses of wine and a long conversation.

Ken Bender

Executive Catering + Events Chef

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Ken Bender credits his success to his meticulous attention to detail and dedication to uncompromising quality. With a passion for food and a knack for creativity he’s right at home as MOSAIC’s Executive Catering + Events Chef. Born in Boston and raised in Richmond, his culinary background is as diverse as his upbringing — from mom & pop joints to fortune 500 companies. When Ken isn’t whipping up his famous pulled BBQ and amazing smoked wings you can find him on the beaches of the OBX surfing in the sun.

Ian McGrory

Catering Executive Sous Chef

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Ian McGrory grew up in restaurants and speakeasies drinking Cherry Coke and Shirley Temples in the 70’s and 80’s New Jersey while tagging along with his mother, the manager of exclusive hotel restaurants and private country clubs. Keeping Ian from being a latch-key kid, she introduced him to fine food, fine manners, and most importantly fine peers from around the planet that taught him about cooking and the importance of a meal. Ian has never looked back as he continues to please diners with meals that mean as much to him in preparation as they do to his guest’s enjoyment.

“The best compliment isn’t always given to a chef verbally. It’s the satisfaction of seeing smiles on the diner’s faces as they enjoy the meal while talking to their friends at the same time.” Speaking with your mouth full isn’t necessarily at all bad! Ian has been Executive Chef for a fortune 500 company along with mom and pop joints for more than two decades before enjoying his home at MOSAIC. To MOSAIC, he brings knowledge of traditional and specialty cuisine while catering to those with specialty diets and dietary restrictions.

Jordan Cregger

Sous Chef + Lead Events Chef

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Coming from the Rocky Mountains from small towns in Wyoming, Chef Jordan made his way to Colorado Springs, CO where attended culinary school. Graduating from Pikes Peak he then moved to Orlando, FL where he started managing with Carrabbas. Eventually he began cooking for Walt Disney World, first at Epcot’s Germany Pavilion and then the flagship resort The Grand Floridian; he found a true passion for food. Jordan Kreggar moved back to Denver after Florida’s hurricane spell in 2004 and spent two years with a boutique hotel, Renaissance by Marriott, where he was able to fine tune his skills. Missing the East Coast he came to Virginia, originally to Newport News and finally Richmond. Jordan has since helped with local restaurants Maya Mexican Grill, Sedona Taphouse, and currently MOSAIC Catering. Having over 20 years experience in the culinary field, cuisine specialties including Italian, German, Cajun, Spanish, and Wild Game, Chef Jordan Cregger promises a full flavored experience with a professional attitude.

Kara Wilson

Catering Chef

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Kara Wilson’s appetite for good food comes from watching her mother in the kitchen over the years. Kara began college studying to be an eye doctor but when that didn’t stick, she turned to her love of food. She currently studies Culinary Arts at J. Sergeant Reynolds. Outside the kitchen, Kara loves to paint and draw. Kara loves to channel her inner creativity and artsy side by presenting food that is not only delicious but also visually stunning!

Doug Hacker

Production Inside Sales

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Doug Hacker has a knack for producing events. His passion for creativity, innovation, and logistics allow him to turn ideas into breathtaking settings. Doug has been in the event industry since 2008, and has been a part of all kinds of events from extravagant weddings to massive charity events to Presidential inaugurations. He has his roots and much of his family in Buffalo, NY, but has spent most of his life in the Richmond area and is currently attending VCU. During his free time, you might find Doug with his family, rooting for his Buffalo Bills, or playing his guitar. Whether you're looking to rent a few vases or host a major fundraising gala, Doug can make your vision a reality!

Tim Buffington

Production, Lighting + Design Manager

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Born and raised in California, Tim Buffington developed an excitement for the technical aspect of events and shows at the young age of 12. Starting off with small rental companies, and working his way up, he spent the majority of his professional career traveling the country with big name acts on tour. Although touring brought a lot of joy, there was that personal touch of the events that’s was missing. Tim joined the MOSAIC team in 2015 bringing with him knowledge and plenty of road stories, but most importantly, he is excited to add a personal touch to make your event one to remember.

Mandie Tinsley

Office Administrator

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Mandie Tinsley is happy when it all adds up. The number-crunching got serious when she was a Pirate, studying managerial finance at East Carolina University. She took things step by step at MOSAIC, waiting tables in high school, becoming an assistant general manager, then finding her calling by keeping things straight in accounting. But this Pirate’s treasure isn’t hidden away. It’s her family, her friends, and her adopted puppy, Shasta. Happiness multiplied.

Jeannie Richardson-Hudson

Front Desk Coordinator

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Jeannie Richardson-Hudson, a Carolina girl at heart who resides in RVA, is your first contact with MOSAIC Catering + Events, whether by phone or in person. She graduated from The Braxton School of Business and uses her 20 plus years of customer service to ensure your experience is the best with MOSAIC! When she's not at MOSAIC she enjoys quality time with her husband and three kids, and an occasional night hitting the dance floor! Her family belongs to the Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe. She loves spending time with her extended family and sharing her heritage with her kids.

Mike Holland

Managing Partner

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Mike Holland is no bark and all bite. His creativity does the talking, honed by decades of experience that give him grace under pressure. He is the event whisperer, coaxing the best from his team, meeting needs before they’re noticed, spinning the impossible into reality. Mike’s love for the environment spurred him to make MOSAIC a certified green business. His love for animals led him to co-founding the nonprofit FETCH a Cure, which helps care for pets undergoing cancer treatment. He’s inspired by design, teamwork, travel and adventure. And if there’s any bark to be found it’s an approving one, from Hank, the Jack Russell Terrier by his side. A new mascot for a team that always leaves a lasting impression.

Laurette Garlitz

Managing Partner

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA  Laurette Garlitz loves watching weddings unfold, gets her spirits boosted by a good country song and believes in the power of three. Three children, three grandchildren, and the three hospitality experts who started MOSAIC back in 1993. She, Mike Holland and Steven Niketas became a trio that bonded over memorable, comfortable, well-executed events — and scores of peer and customer accolades. Their business blossomed and they made magic happen. About the only thing Laurette can’t produce is a stranger. She just doesn’t believe they exist.


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